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Collected Item: “Jewish Melbourne: CCare Buddy Program”

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Jewish Melbourne: CCare Buddy Program

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Around Rosh Hashanah, CCare established a buddy program during Melbourne's lockdown: "Shana Tova! Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact from the comfort and safety of your own home?
This Jewish New Year, pledge to spend 30 minutes each week chatting to a new friend!
After an incredibly successful pilot, The C Care Buddy Initiative is ready for official launch! We can’t wait to welcome our next group of Buddies into the program.
*So, how does it work?*
We’ll match each volunteer with a C Care recipient (or more, if you’d like) and take you through a short training session where we'll provide tips and guidance to make you feel comfortable going into your first call. Then, we’ll send both you and your buddy a ‘Buddy Welcome Box’ complete with tea and treats, and you’ll be ready for your weekly shmooze!"

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