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Collected Item: “Cover Up”

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Cover Up

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Photograph of My Family's Masks in Victoria, Australia.

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HIST30060. When masks became mandatory, my family, like many others I assumed, scrambled to get some in time. Our first lot was made from fabric scraps by a clothing brand my mum liked, our second batch was made by a family friend before it was mandatory, and then from that point they came from all different places. I got some from my partner who had bought a few, my brother got one from school with "Class of 2020" when he finished his year 12 classes, my mum got some from work which are surprisingly soft. Masks seem to be a touchy subject among people and though I am not a very confrontative person, I will glare and stare at anyone not wearing a mask or wearing one incorrectly. They can be a bit constraining yes and if one has to wear it all day it would most likely be tiring and probably sweaty. I'm somewhat thankful that we had our lockdown largely during winter, when people weren't as itching to get outside as they are now that it's becoming warmer. If COVID-19 was at it's height during summer, I imagine a lot more people would have suffered, cause who would want to wear a stifling mask on 40 degree day. I don't know if masks will become a staple of winter times in Australia as they are in countries like Japan whenever cold season begins again, but I'm curious to see if all these masks were just for a pandemic people will only care about the next time a similar one occurs.

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#Masks, #Family, #Stifle, #Covidiots, #Victoria, #Australia, #Lockdown, #Mandatory,

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Meg Bate

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