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Collected Item: “How cautious is too cautious?”

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How cautious is too cautious?

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Photo and screenshot, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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In my household at least, temperature checks have become part of our regular routine, especially since two of us have been 'permitted workers' throughout the year and therefore still come into regular contact with the public. At this point Victoria was in it's second wave of the pandemic, we'd just been through winter and were into hay fever season: all of this made it very hard to tell when to get a test. In this case I had taken my temperature a couple of hours before work and had to decide if this borderline temperature was enough make me call in sick on such short notice. The government had announced a payment system for people who feared missing work to get tested due to the financial impact, but for me the problem has been managing managers expectations and creating difficulties for my workplace. I did get a test from a pop-up site at a local pool and I got a text message with the negative results in less than 24 hours.

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testing, temperature, symptoms, work, caution

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Zoe Manoussakis

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