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Collected Item: “Reunited at last”

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Reunited at last

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screenshot, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Once restrictions started to lessen in Victoria following our second wave, it became common to use sites that calculated the radius we could travel from our homes to figure out if we could meet up with friends outside or walk somewhere different. In the later part of September in Melbourne, our permitted radius was 5km and we could meet up in groups of two for exercise or leisure outside for up to two hours. They had also just announced we could exercise within the same radius of our workplaces (if you were a 'permitted worker') which meant one of my circles overlapped with my best friend. This meant I could finally see her in person for the first time since June and the second time since March. (HIST30060)

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restrictions, movement, friends, socialising, reunited

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Zoe Manoussakis

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