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Collected Item: “Jewish Melbourne: NCJWA (Vic) Golden Age club activities”

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Jewish Melbourne: NCJWA (Vic) Golden Age club activities

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"Thank you, Kehilat Nitzan, for your friendship and support of our Golden Age Clubs. The Tikkun Olam Community of Kehilat Nitzan provides on an ongoing basis gift bags to the public house residents. Recently, in preparation for Rosh Hashanah, the members received from Kehilat Nitzan a special goodie bag which included a Sudoku book, hand cream, sweets and a honey cake, made by the Kehilat Nitzan volunteers.
“Our Golden Age Club members and their families deeply appreciate the care and support they receive from the Kehilat Nitzan community. This is really touching” said Nellie Khoroshina, Golden Age Clubs Coordinator.
Our Golden Age Clubs are going strong, providing much-needed emotional support and social connection to Holocaust survivors and war veterans. The members are gathered weekly via audio/video conferences in groups of fives.
“These virtual meetings keep the participants informed and connected during COVID times” added Nellie."

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National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Vic)

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