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Collected Item: “Merchandise in Quarantine”

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Merchandise in Quarantine

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Photograph, taken by myself

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In Cambridge, MA, we depend on small businesses, whether they’re corner stores, beauty parlors, restaurants, or specialized outlets. This picture is the lattermost, a music store called Cheapo Records, which I visited often before quarantine. Places like this are extremely important for both conserving history and discovering new music (without algorithms).

COVID-19 has only exacerbated the danger Cheapo and others are facing due to rising rents. This picture I took before they reopened spoke to me because it shows how the hiatus wasn’t expected to be this long; the merchandise is left outside, behind an iron curtain, in uncertain indefinance.

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#smallbusiness, #boston, #cambridge, #music, #uncertainty, #local

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Caitlyn Green

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