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Collected Item: “Playing Xbox Through Covid”

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Playing Xbox Through Covid

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As we all know it Covid has taken over the entire world including my hometown Boston. With the disease being easily spreadable there are many precautions and restrictions put in place to keep the city and surrounding areas safe from contracting and spreading the disease. I myself was not left with much to do during this time so I knew that I needed to come up with some sort of hoppy or activity to keep me occupied. I decided to buy a Xbox to fulfill my needs so I would not be left with nothing to do while hanging out in my dorm or bedroom. Playing xbox provided me with a virtual place that I was am able to escape to while being quarantined in my certain location, as well it took my mind off the implications and surround stress of covid. I am also able to travel with the xbox, taking it from place to place during the pandemic so that I would not ever find myself bored and stressed with nothing to do

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#xbox #bored #stressed #covid19 #TV #quarentine #restrictions #safety

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Microsoft corporation

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