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Collected Item: “Northeastern NU.in Program”

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Northeastern NU.in Program

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This picture is from the first floor of the Westin Copley Place, the hotel where NU.in Boston students are staying.

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The NU.in program is a study abroad program by Northeastern University. This year, students had the option to travel to Canada, London, or Ireland. While NU.in Ireland remained a location, the pandemic made it so traveling to Canada or London was no longer possible. Students had an option to either travel to Ireland, Boston, or remain at home. NU.in Boston students were housed in a hotel twenty minutes or so away from campus. While living conditions were pleasant, it was definitely not what many students were expecting from being a part of a study abroad program. Not only were students studying from a place they might not have prepared for, the health restrictions made it difficult for some to meet new people and really familiarize themselves with campus life. The pandemic has really impacted how students work through college. Covid tests are required of in person Northeastern students every three days. While classrooms are open for a limited amount of students, majority of the students are participating online since the teachers are joining the online meetings from home. While these changes are not very drastic, they do take some time to adapt to.

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Shannon Soh

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