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Collected Item: “Mission Hill Failure”

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Mission Hill Failure

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I understand, generation Z is not the brightest, considering less than two years ago we were persuading each other to eat laundry detergent. But I never thought I would be so disappointed in my peers. COVID is all too real, and with the boom of TikTok, people can see just how terrible “the rona” really is. Yet, those I call neighbors of Mission Hill rip apart my hope for us in the future. We know there are chances of permanently losing our sense of smell or taste, but we still decide to go out and party. Generation Z may be forward in acceptance, but we somehow are still too stubborn to put a pause on the traditional “college experience” to protect ourselves and our family members from death. I am in college, but I have family who are at risk, and I am not willing to compromise them just so I can see friends and have a little fun. There are ways of having fun without risking your health or that of loved ones.

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