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Collected Item: “College During Covid”

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College During Covid

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Picture of Boston with little people around

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College has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions during the pandemic. As a freshman, my first year was far from traditional. Strict rules and regulations have been put in place and made it hard to meet new people and get the full college experience. As a student at northeastern, there have been many regulations such as no more than 1 to a table at the dining halls, mostly online classes, and no going to watch sports games. While this is hard because it makes it difficult to feel like part of a community at school, Northeastern has done a wonderful job of keeping its students and staff safe. In the picture provided, it captures the idea of Boston late at night, but instead of the usually bustling city, one can see that it seems to be rather calm. This is because Boston had implemented a 9:30 pm curfew for all of its residents. Because of this pandemic, the city and school life has been drastically different, and many students are looking forward to less regulations when this pandemic is over.

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#boston #pandemic

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Bailey Jackson

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