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Collected Item: “Hospital COVID-19 Visitors Rule”

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Hospital COVID-19 Visitors Rule

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A screenshot of the voicemail transcript received by pregnant mother and sent by Tufts Medical Center.

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This call was informing her a month before her due date that she was NOT allowed, visitors. This was one of the many different calls that caused a nerve-racking feeling. We had been in quarantine for about three weeks and it was determined that she had to go through this all alone. This call was very important because it is something you never want to be taken away from you. Sharing moments like these with your family are very valuable and in a very tough situation, you need a support system. Her spouse was not allowed either. The last month of her pregnancy she had to face alone up until the moment she was in the labor delivery room. At this point, she feared she wouldn’t be allowed to have anybody in the room with her. Luckily, Massachusetts laws allowed her to have at least one.

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Tufts Medical Center voicemail

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