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Collected Item: “Starbucks Holiday Mask”

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Starbucks Holiday Mask

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Photograph. I asked my shift manager for a picture of the mask.

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A mask may appear uninteresting compared to other strange items that have risen in the coronavirus era, however it is important because it represents decency. This item demonstrates Generation Z’s awareness to society’s current important issues. This generation has been active during the BLM movement, the 2020 election, and in many other instances. The mask design is irrelevant but the mask itself carries a message. From what I’ve seen this generation won’t hesitate to condemn one for not wearing a mask and therefore are promoting its importance. During a pandemic, a mask is not a political tool but an attempt at keeping you and others safe.

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#HST241, #CovidMiniCollection, #Suffolk, #Mask, #Starbucks, #WorkingDuringAPandemic

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Erika Donohue

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