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Collected Item: “Nurse Fighting for Racial Equality in Healthcare”

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Nurse Fighting for Racial Equality in Healthcare

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This is a Youtube video I found while researching protests from nurses during 2020.

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This is a video of a nurse who volunteered to go to New York and help out with the COVID-19 pandemic in hospitals. She was overwhelmed at the number of patients she had that were Hispanic, Black, Latino, and Middle Eastern, and other people of color. It was clear to her that they were being disproportionately affected by this pandemic and chose to march in protests along with them. The acts of Becca Cooper, and the stories she told her audience about, amplify the voices of marginalized groups by speaking out about it and making people aware of these communities and how heavily they are being affected. I think 2020 has also been a year of protests to fight for equal rights and that speaks out to my generation as well. I know a lot of people who have participated in these protests and it goes to show how my generation is standing up for what we believe in, much like Becca Cooper did for her patients.

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#HST241, #Suffolk, #COVIDMiniCollection, #racialdisparity, #healthcare, #frontlineworker, #nurse, #protest

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Associated Press, Interview with Becca Cooper

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