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Collected Item: “Outdoor Dining”

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Outdoor Dinning

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When restaurants were allowed to open again, Loretta created outdoor dining for guests. When it got colder, heaters were put up, and blankets and seat warmers were offered. People have really liked the outdoor seating, not only because it is safer to eat outside, but because they also like to watch people, as I have learned from guests. I think that outdoor seating will increase in the future, and people will come to enjoy it more than indoor dining. Outdoor dining was already popular before the pandemic, but perhaps one day when people look at the past, they will notice how much outdoor dining continued even after the pandemic.

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#HST241, #CovidMiniCollection, #Suffolk, #Loretta, #Newburyport, #ResturantDuringPandemic, #OutsideDining

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Emily Yurkus

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