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Collected Item: “Some College Athletes are Marginalized?”

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Some College Athletes are Marginalized?

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This search really opened my eyes to all of the colleges that are not division I and how they are marginalized. I read an article from the ncaa explaining all of the covid guidelines and regulations regarding all of the different schools. Division I schools are still allowed to play but it was postponed due to Covid rather than lower division schools' seasons getting cancelled and their championships. All of the hard work that athletes train for and they don’t get to show how they’ve grown but division I athletes get to go further with their passion for sports. This is important to me because my team is directly related to this topic of not being able to play and having everything still up in the air while division I schools are allowed to participate. This is important to archivists showing the discrepancies regarding different level school along with the sports that are allowed to play.

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