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Collected Item: “To Mask or Not to Mask?”

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To Mask or Not to Mask?

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The mask controversy takes on a new light when you are raising a toddler during a pandemic. My son is too young to wear a mask, he is too young to protect himself and I have to depend on others to wear their masks to protect him. From March until late August, my son only traveled from his home to my parents house, a three minute walk up the street. He did not have outside contact with anyone out of his immediate family. Until one day, I had to take him grocery shopping with me and a new world of worry became very obvious.
I understand people wanting to practice their constitutional rights, but I don’t think it applies to wearing a mask. Wearing a mask doesn’t protect you, it protects those around you. For those of us, struggling to be parents and having to bring out under two year olds out, PLEASE WEAR A MASK. You can have your right to freedom of speech and everything else, but when it comes to protecting those little humans you walk by and don’t think much of, your germs can harm them. We don’t have a choice to mask our babies because of suffocation, but you, you can wear a mask and help us protect them.

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#HST241, #COVIDMiniArchive, #Suffolk, #MothersofaPandemic

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Gabrielle Dulong

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