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Collected Item: “Living in a Hot Spot”

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Living in a Hot Spot

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I live in a hot spot. I receive texts from my municipal and the Massachusetts government at least once a week. The cases rise daily and the death toll is worrisome. I’m raising my child in a hot spot. I can’t go back to work without the worry that I might bring home a virus that can kill my child. When you get pregnant, there is a lot of anxiety about bringing a life into this world, but no one could have imagined that come 2020, there would be a global pandemic, a virus that we don’t know all the symptoms and a death toll growing daily in our country. I live in a hot spot. I can’t go outside without my mandated mask, social distancing and limited number of people in stores. I cannot see my friends or my distance family. I can’t bring my son to the park or the library, they’re all closed down. I’m being safe. I’m doing my best, but I cannot change that i live in a hot spot.

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HST241, #COVIDMiniArchive, #Suffolk, #MothersofthePandemic

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Gabrielle Dulong

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