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Collected Item: “Amidst It All, Be Grateful.”

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Amidst It All, Be Grateful.

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It’s tough having the world you known flipped upside down, for so many mothers during the pandemic, their entire way of living has been altered. A change from clocking into work every day to getting up to sit with their children for remote learning. It was trading in their work uniforms for sweat pants and unbrushed hair. It’s changed from keeping record of their timesheets to scrolling the endless Facebook feeds in their only hour alone every day. However, it’s beautiful to watch your child grow. To see their face light up every morning while you exhaustedly make a cup of coffee and try to prepare yourself for a day of raising your children. It’s amazing to see them learn a new word or conquer their math homework without your help. It’s being able to make them home cooked meals, even if they are just grilled cheese and soup. Amidst all of the craziness COVID has caused, we get to be there to witness our children grow and for that, there’s something to be grateful for.

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#HST241, #COVIDMiniArchive, #Suffolk, #MothersofthePandemic

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Victoria Buldoc

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