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Collected Item: “A COVID Holiday”

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A COVID Holiday

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This holiday season barely feels like the holidays at all. With so many families struggling to stay afloat during these trying times, Christmas seemed to take a back seat this year. Not in a negative sense, but in the way that people just simply can’t afford gifts or afford to be joyful. It’s hard, not working and raising children. Christmas is the time of year where you buy your little ones gifts and celebrate all the happiness of the year. Not during COVID, mothers are struggling, fathers are struggling and children don’t understand how tight money is. So this Christmas, promise to make the day more rememberable; even if the gift are lacking. Fill the day with love, happiness and relax a little. The material items will break and be thrown away, the children will outgrow them, but they will never forget the love they felt on Christmas Day during COVID.

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#HST241, #COVIDMiniArchive, #Suffolk, #MothersofthePandemic

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Gabrielle Dulong

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