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Collected Item: ““What are the risk factors for people with ADHD during the coronavirus pandemic?””

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“What are the risk factors for people with ADHD during the coronavirus pandemic?”

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I am submitting this article because it speaks in a broader sense the sort of experiences people with ADHD have/will continue to have during the pandemic. It writes of the intersections of ADHD and the coronavirus, such as how remote learning and working can lead to decreased motivation and increased social isolation can be expected to increase other symptoms of ADHD along with feelings of depression and anxiety at levels that neurotypical people may not experience.

Rather than collecting multiple small objects that speak to a single aspect of neurodiversity and the pandemic, and potentially overwhelming the archive with repetitive, kitschy documents that may in the future confuse the research process, I wanted to include a single document that spoke broadly of what life is like with ADHD during the pandemic.

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#HST241, #CovidMiniCollection, #Suffolk, #CovidAndNeurodiversity, #ADHD

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Margaret H. Sibley, Ph.D for ADHD Awareness Month Coalition

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