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Collected Item: “Social Distancing reminders in Joshua Tree National Park”

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Social Distancing reminders in Joshua Tree National Park

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Photo of a sign in Joshua Tree

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This sign caught my eye because of the last item on the list “Still don’t use slower friends as bear bait” made me laugh. This could be of interest to future historians because it demonstrates how different places try to use humor to spread some positivity, while also reminding people how to hike while staying COVID safe. I was reminded of “the strange lives of objects in the coronavirus era” article, and the way simple objects can tell stories. The information outlined on this poster is not new, it outlines the same practices the CDC has advocated for nine months, but the way it is presented gives insight into how national parks are handling the pandemic.

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#HST241, #CovidMiniCollection, #Suffolk, #joshuatree #nationalparks #hiking #vanlife #california

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Photo taken by Ainslee Moorehead, sign posted by Joshua tree national park.

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