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Collected Item: “COVID in the Navajo Nation”

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COVID in the Navajo Nation

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Two screenshots of Antelope Canyon’s website and an Instagram account that provides covid relief to the Navajo and Hopi communities

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When I was originally planning my trip, I hoped to visit Antelope Canyon, as well as a few other parks on the Navajo Reservation, but the Navajo Nation has been one of the hardest-hit regions in the country, so by the time I was in the area, the parks were closed, and even if they had been open, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable visiting and spreading it more, even if I would have been outside and away from people. Because of that experience I wanted to take this space to try to amplify their experience. This Instagram account records the experience of an organization providing relief to members of the tribe. There are only 45 search results for Navajo in the archive, which I would constitute as an archival silence considering that many cities with comparable populations have hundreds of entries. I know that taking a screenshot of a website can only tell you so much, but it is the best way I could come up with of elevating the voices of the Navajo Nation, which is an important practice to engage within the context of archival work.

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#HST241, #CovidMiniCollection, #Suffolk, #Navajo, #NavajoNation, #Hopi, #rezlife, #NewMexico, #Arizona, #Utah

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https://www.instagram.com/navajohopicovid19relief/?hl=en and https://www.antelopecanyon.com/

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The Navajo and Hopi COVID relief fund and the Antelope Canyon park service

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