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Collected Item: “Resilient Child, Resilient Mom- Reflection on 2020”

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Resilient Child, Resilient Mom- Reflection on 2020

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The first picture was taken April 29, 2020. Remote schooling was not going to end, we thought it would only last a couple of weeks. My child was falling apart, I was falling apart. The second picture was taken about seven months later, November 27, 2020. I had been furloughed, school opened up and then went remote again, we learned how to wear masks, we learned how to social distance. We joined the family bubble, in Illinois. I reflect in January 2021 and I want to note that we are figuring it out together. We continue to teach each other. The second picture is my favorite picture of 2020 that I took. I think this picture speaks to the attitude we are putting forward together. This is a picture of my daughter with her cousin, this picture gives me hope and energy.

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#momlife, #pandemiclife, #mentalhealth, #children, #Covid19inMA, #Covid19inIL, #education, #family, #GreaterBoston, #reflections, #lockdown, #crying, #stayhome #SuffolkUniversity,

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Yvette Claudia Velez

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