Isabelle Cincera Oral History, 2020/09/18


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Isabelle Cincera Oral History, 2020/09/18

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This interview is about Isabelle Cincera and the affects the pandemic had on her life as a high school senior. The interview discusses the impacts such as online school and her social life. Isabelle demonstrates a great example of how Covid-19 directly affected the life of a student.

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Teah Bordick
Isabelle Cincera

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Northeastern University

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Interview Voice recording

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Teah Bordick

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Isabelle Sincera

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United States of America

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This interview is about Isabelle Cincera and the affects the pandemic had on her life as a high school senior. The interview discusses the impacts such as online school and her social life. Isabelle demonstrates a great example of how Covid-19 directly affected the life of a student.

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Teah Bordick 0:01
Welcome, everyone to today's episode, I'm Teah Bordick and today I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Isabelle sincera, a recent high school graduate and a freshman at Northeastern University. We will discuss her first experience with the covid 19 pandemic. Do I have your consent to interview for the COVID-19 archive project?

Isabelle Sincera 0:19
Yes. And thank you for inviting me on your show.

Teah Bordick 0:22
Can you begin by saying today's day in time for documentation?

Isabelle Sincera 0:25
It's currently 2:39pm on September 18 2020.

Teah Bordick 0:29
Thank you. To begin, can you tell me where you were when you first heard the news about the new virus?

Isabelle Sincera 0:35
I had just come home from school and I was sitting on the couch with my mother. And we were watching the Daily News like we normally do. And yeah, that's when I first heard about it.

Teah Bordick 0:49
What was your first thought or reaction to hearing this news?

Isabelle Sincera 0:53
At first, I was shocked that we didn't know that about this, like new virus. And I also was in denial. And I wasn't worried that it was going to come to the US because at that point, it was still in only in China.

Teah Bordick 1:11
Yeah, exactly. Do you remember where you were when the state issued the stay at home lockdown?

Isabelle Sincera 1:17
I was actually at work. And on the TV. The reporter basically said that our county in Pennsylvania was issued a mandatory lockdown. And I had to leave work almost immediately.

Teah Bordick 1:37
I believe that that must have been shocking and scary. What else did you feel?

Isabelle Sincera 1:42
I was still in denial that it was going to last any longer than a couple weeks. And I wasn't. I wasn't nervous about school or anything else, just because I didn't believe that it was going to be something that was long term.

Teah Bordick 1:59
Mm hmm. And what ways did the pandemic directly impact your life?

Isabelle Sincera 2:03
Well, obviously, I wasn't able to go back to work. I also was not able to go back to school, and my prom was taken away for me. My graduation was taken away from me. And I didn't leave the house until June, from the time that the stay in order stay at home order was first instated.

Teah Bordick 2:27
How was your opinion of a pandemic change from the beginning of quarantine to where we are right now?

Isabelle Sincera 2:33
Well at first, I was angry that everything for my senior year was taken away from me. So suddenly, and seemingly almost for no reason. Now, I look back on it, and I have a better understanding that this is just a part of life, and then everybody is going through a challenging time. And there's nothing else that I can do about it besides accepting it.

Teah Bordick 3:05
It's unfortunate to hear that so many of the things that you've been looking forward to for years, were taken away from you so quickly. Some speculate that your senior year may have ended differently if the government had taken a different course of action. If you were in power, would you change anything about how the pandemic was and still is being handled?

Isabelle Sincera 3:24
Definitely, I would have changed. A couple things. I think that first, we were extremely slow to respond to the pandemic, we knew that this virus was real and that there was a serious threat of it. Like coming to America. We had studied from based on history, that these types of things have a way of spreading and there were guidelines that we should have followed, that were previously discussed that we chose to ignore. I think that when we first heard news of the virus coming to America, it should have been an immediate reaction for the entire country to stay at home and for everybody to self quarantine, so that there was no possible way of the virus spreading. Even though I understand that, in some senses, this wouldn't have been possible just because accessing groceries, things like that. I think that we could have had a more comprehensive national government reaction from the government to try to mitigate the, the virus and it In my opinion, we were slow and still now, there's no national guidelines that we really that are mandatory to follow at this point.

Teah Bordick 5:14
Thank you for sharing. Lastly, any fun hobbies you picked up during your time in quarantine?

Isabelle Sincera 5:20
Yes. Actually, I picked up puzzles with my mother, even though for years I have despised doing puzzles with her. And so it was funny to see, especially for my mother that I turned around and that I agreed to complete one with her. And it was only because I was the most bored I've ever been in my entire life. And I never plan on doing another puzzle again.

Teah Bordick 5:51
puzzles are fun, aren't they? Thank you so much for joining me today Isabelle.

Isabelle Sincera 5:55
Thank you for having me.

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