Additional Quarantine Laws for Massachusetts and Connecticut

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Additional Quarantine Laws for Massachusetts and Connecticut

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I submitted this link because it gives a lot of insight as to why quarantining is so important during a global pandemic, especially after traveling far distances and remaining in said location for over 24 hours. Traveling is something many of us are missing during this tough time, but this article informs me that we now have to take many precautions before proceeding to do so. We have to keep in mind how many people we have been exposed to, who they have been exposed to, wearing masks in every public place, etc. It’s crazy to think that this is our world now, as I think most of us never saw this coming as a long-term thing. These laws are important because they should persuade people to make decisions that will help flatten the curve, even if they have only traveled from one small state to another. Anything counts.
It is local news. Found it on
#quarantine #massachusetts #connecticut #covid19 #travelsafety #boston

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October 28, 2020

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Nik DeCosta-Klipa

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Juliet Tompkins

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local news

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