Evans Way Park

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Evans Way Park

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This photo is a picture of Evan’s Way Park in Boston, MA. It is a small, however popular park because of its proximity to many residential areas and a lot of the colleges that are apart of the Colleges of the Fenway. Normally you see people walking their pets, cyclists, skateboarders, joggers, and students either hanging out or talking. However even on a perfectly sunny and cool day, it is completely empty now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic has been going on, I still see these people using Evans Way Park, but now it is not a very common sight. The most common sight is seeing the park mostly empty on any given day, with only a few people seen in it here and there. However on evenings you can still see groups of students hanging out and sitting in the park doing homework or trying to hang out. Although the park is emptier than it used to be, it is a lot quieter now and it is very peaceful if you have time to walk out to the park during the afternoon. But I don’t think the peacefulness is worth the trade off. I also enjoyed seeing Evan’s Way full and seeing groups of kids from different schools interact and have fun with each other. I have spent a decent amount of time in the park, and I miss the way it was before the pandemic started, it just isn’t the same with how it is now. Hopefully once COVID-19 is over things in Evans Way Park will go back to how they used to be.

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November 14, 2020

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English Parks
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Evan's Way Park

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