Accurate Covid-19 Working Meme

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Accurate Covid-19 Working Meme

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I found this meme to be quite interesting. We use humor to better our mood during tough times, however this meme depicts reality: the anxiety about going to work this year during this strange new pandemic. This collection item can help future historians determine the society’s apprehension and concerns towards employment during COVID-19. A historian might wonder what this meme implies. Well, this meme implies that the public fears getting sick and what that holds, fear of spreading it to love ones, fear of not recovering, and perhaps work conditions are not entirely prepared. This meme can imply many things based on what a historian wants to argue.

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December 8, 2020

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Posted by Instagram user toothbrusharmy

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Linette Cruz

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Suffolk University in Boston

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Meme. I found it while searching COVID- 19 memes on Google.

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English Emotion
English Education--Universities
English Business & Industry

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Suffolk University in Boston

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