Wethersfieldblm instagram page

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Wethersfieldblm instagram page

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This item was important because this instagram was used to organize the Black Lives Matter march that took place on June 5th in Wethersfield. The account also created the “Grievances From the Members of Our Community” list. I think this item is important because this entire instagram, these documents, and most importantly, the protest/march were created by people I used to know back in high school and even before then. This shows that our/my generation is far more involved in activism than most other generations have, as you see and hear a lot more younger people have been taking part in these protests, and being more vocal on social media. This instagram is also a good public digital history project as it allowed members of the community to share their own stories and experiences.

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June 2, 2020

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Jordan Griffin
Olivia Washington
Emily Moody

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Thomas Roberts

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Suffolk University in Boston

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Instagram page

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English Social Issues
English Social Media (including Memes)
English Politics

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Covid Mini Collection
Black Lives Matter

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Black Voices
Social Justice

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