Teen Vogue: “Students With Cognitive Differences Say COVID-19 Derailed Their Routines”


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Teen Vogue: “Students With Cognitive Differences Say COVID-19 Derailed Their Routines”

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I am submitting this article because my collection while trying to center neurodiversity, seems to be leaning pretty heavily towards ADHD. This article follows the experiences of 5 different autistic students with school and the pandemic. This article also speaks to the work universities have put in to better accommodate their neurodiverse students through programs that center them and their need for different approaches to education.

In submitting this article, I hope that it provides greater clarity that neurodiverse people are not a monolith of the same symptoms and experiences, but rather lead different lives that have all been individually affected by the pandemic. It is important that the collection has many different perspectives within it so that future researchers don’t confuse a single experience with a universal one.

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November 13, 2020

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Olivia Tucker

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Megan Bateman

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Suffolk University in Boston

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Teen Vogue

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neurodiverse Students

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