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Collected Item: “Zaragoza Orientation Program”

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Zaragoza Orientation Program

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This object is a screenshot of the program that was provided for students who attended Zaragoza undergraduate orientation days in August 2021.

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This orientation program shows the different accommodations that have been made to ensure a safe experience during Zaragoza days. Prior to the pandemic, the events scheduled for students would be held in person so that students would have the opportunity to interact face to face and make new connections with other students. However, the Zaragoza days held in August 2021 integrated both in person and online orientation events. This program shows that some of the scheduled events were held on Zoom during different sessions. This was to ensure that students were provided with safe and easy access to learn more about being and undergrad at St. Mary's while not completely limiting their orientation experience by still holding in person events that adhered to Covid-19 guidelines.

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HS3390, #coveryourfangs, Zaragoza, COVID19, StMU, newstudentorientation

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St. Mary's University

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