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Collected Item: “Virus Questions Raised in China”

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Virus Questions Raised in China

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This is a newspaper article detailing the repercussions of China's "Zero-COVID" policy and the impact it has on families. The story reports a rise in deaths at a Shanghai hospital for the elderly and a further rise in COVID cases in Shanghai. Extensive regulations at the hospital have forced a decrease in hospital staff to manage the many elderly patients suffering with COVID. The article details that a significant number of patients are asymptomatic, yet are placed in strict quarantine to minimize the spread. There are reports of several patients dying due to a lack of proper care from medical professionals who are forced to be absent from the patient as they are locked in strict quarantine. The article further suggests that perhaps China's "Zero-COVID" policy approach is creating far more significant damage to individuals and their families than good.

I think this article is interesting because it details an alternative approach to U.S. policy which has maintained a very relaxed and hands-off attitude for a majority of the pandemic. While many states took arguably excessively extreme measures, many states were lax on quarantine, mask enforcement, lockdown protocols, etc. Furthermore, China's policy seems a bit excessive, so perhaps the right answer lies somewhere in the middle.

This Article was published April 10th, 2022 in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

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Olivia Zhang and Chen Si in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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