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Collected Item: “Tweets from Inside a Prison 6/28-7/4/2020 by Railroaded Underground”

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Tweets from Inside a Prison 6/28-7/4/2020 by Railroaded Underground

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These images show the Tweets from an incarcerated person who began this Twitter account on a contraband cellphone, to show the world what it is like inside the nation's correctional facilities during the covid pandemic. This week he is talking about many people around him being sick, testing negative himself and then a few days later showing symptoms, 20 "man down" calls a day, which is a way someone needs immediate medical attention, it appears they are housing some inmates in tents in the yard to help with social distancing, genocide, calls on California Governor Gavin Newsom several times, talks about the vulnerable, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, disabled, feeling like they have a knee on their necks because of covid, and San Quentin.

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incarceration, prison, death, symptoms, Twitter, cell phone, tent, California, Gavin Newsom, San Quentin

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