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Collected Item: “My Gratefulness Notebook”

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My Gratefulness Notebook

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My object is a gratefulness notebook that I was given by my aunt, around the time that I lost the rest of my senior year.

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I chose this object because it really represents the way I have been able to use this pandemic to change my mindset. I received the journal at a time when everything in my life was changing really fast, and not in a positive way. There was so much loss and pain. I started filling one page of this journal every evening with things I am thankful for, and though it was really difficult at first, I found that it grew easier with time, and now I am finding things to be thankful for in every situation. This pandemic reminds us that we have to be thankful for what we have in every moment, because we never know when that could be taken away, but also that when it seems like everything has been taken away, there is still many things in our lives left to hold onto.

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#gratefulness #writing #hope #senior #thankful

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Miriam Hathaway

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