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Collected Item: “Vaccines”

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My childhood best friend's mom has never been pro vaccination. She never allowed her children to get vaccines and still stands by that. She believes that vaccines cause harmful side effects that will have long time effects. Similarly, she doesn't believe in the corona virus. Well, she believes it exists, but believes that we already have strands of Covid in our bodies that are meant to fight it and therefore thinks of it as a common cold. She doesn't believe in wearing masks and is actually going to a "no mask" rally in a couple days. This view has been pretty difficult and weird for my friend. She does believe in the severity of Corona and mask wearing, but has a difficult time expression her opinion around her mom. I know it is completely alright for people to have different view points, I just thought this story was good to share because I feel like right now our world is really divided on Corona and multiple other important topics. I feel like thinking about the world as a whole and not just an individual is a good start to solving a lot of these problems.

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Julia Noyes

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