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Collected Item: “Car life of Corona”

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Car life of Corona

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When Covid-19 started to gain cases in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area the car scene began to postpone and cancel meets. With no official meets being held, pop-up meets became the new normal. Which consisted of a post being made or hearing from word of mouth about a place a meet would be held only a few days before it would happen. Most enthusiasts jumped at the opportunity to attend these events and would attend. Although it was considered a meet everyone knew what was happening with the virus and maintained social distancing and enjoyed walking around and looking at other cars that were attending. Due to social distance and trying to avoid contact with others the commonality of cruises arose as well which people would meet at a set location and then drive in a group to another location typically on roads that are enjoyable to drive on. With the car community changing around this virus it allowed everyone who is a part of it to remain safe while still doing something they love. From the safety of their own vehicles’ car enthusiasts have and still continue to over come the pandemic in a safe and enjoyable way. Although the Covid-19 pandemic changed many things in the world the way it effected the car scene is not considered completely terrible. It created a new way car enthusiasts can interact and will enjoy their passion

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#carscene, #cars

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Dino Lo Tito

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