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Collected Item: “My Mask Collection”

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My Mask Collection

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I have decided to share a photo in contribution to this journal. The objects in the photo are some of the masks that I have obtained throughout the span of 2020 due to Covid-19. Masks are pretty much required everywhere now and are a daily necessity too. Because of this I have gained quite the collection of masks of all different types. I have masks in a variety of ranges too, from cloth to surgical masks. My favorite one being my Winnie the Pooh mask, it is very cute and helps me add some personalization to my masks when I wear them too. This photo is important to me because it shows to me how much this pandemic has changed not just my life but everyone else’s around the world too. A year ago I would have never thought that I would be having a mask collection and having to wear them everywhere from the grocery store, to church, and school. It just comes to show how much change can happen in just a year, and even in just a short period of time. I will admit one of the cons of having to wear masks everywhere is that personally I forget to wear it sometimes and then I have to walk by to my car again to get it. The way I see it my mask is basically like my phone now. I carry it everywhere with me and have it on me at all times. Thankfully it's not that bad of a burden although living in Florida it does get very hot underneath it with the heat. But in the end it's the way life is now and hopefully it's one step further to minimizing Covid cases and keeping everyone and myself healthy.

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#Covidmasks, #mymaskcollection, #masks, #2020, #thisismylifenow

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Michelle Jimenez

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