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Collected Item: “Making Masks”

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Making Masks

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It's a text story about me and my family

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Not much changed for my family when the pandemic started. In the beginning, all we really had to do was switch our school and work environments to online, but after that it stayed relatively the same. Every day was about the same for all of us; Wake up, do things for school/work, maybe take a nap, and occasionally hang out with the rest of the family. After a while it began to get monotonous, and we all eventually began to take up new little hobbies to keep ourselves entertained. My mother, for example, began to make homemade masks. When we were young, she’d often make little outfits or stuffed animals for us, so this type of work wasn’t too difficult for her. When working on the masks, she’d often ask for help from me or my sister, and as quarantine went on, we all began to pitch in on her little mask-making project. With too many masks for just our family, we’d give them off to friends, or bring them to work with us (when we had the opportunity to go back). Weeks, then months went by, and we began to come up with better ways for making masks. It was a fun little pastime, allowing us to do something constructive with our time while also being able to bond as a family. I’ll admit my time in quarantine wasn’t terribly rough (at least compared to others’ experiences), but it was incredibly tedious for a little while. Just being able to do things like this with my family, and being able to help others, was enough to break up the long months of quarantine.

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home, quarantine, work, masks

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