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Collected Item: “Mask situation in Japan”

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Mask situation in Japan

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Like other countries, Japanese people were hoarding masks during March. In June, Uniqulo made a mask using their technology “Airism”. Airism is a popular technology which allows less humidity and dries sweat fast and is very smooth to skin. The Airism mask has three layers, with the outside with UV cut layer, the middle with the filter layer, and inside with Airism layer. When this mask came out, a lot of people waited in line and crowded a lot of stores around Japan. This caused clusters and became news. The mask sold out very quickly and was only limited to one set per person. One set included one small mask for kids, one medium size for women, and one large size for men. They had only one color, which was white, but they now have gray. Recently all stores in Japan have masks, but all of the stocks are from China. Japanese made mask are still very low in stock and is very popular. This is an image from Uniqlo website, which shows the structure of the mask.

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HSE, Japan, mask, Airism

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