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Collected Item: “Life Indoors”

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Life Indoors

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The first picture is of my laptop. On one side I was attending a class via zoom, while on the other side I was writing an eight page essay for a different class. In the second picture, I displayed some of the different things I have crocheted during the pandemic while I am video chatting with my friends on discord.

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Taking classes at a university online for the 7-8 months has been a new experience that is new for a lot of people. Both professors and students alike are learning how to switch over to an online environment, and I think it is hard on everyone. But I am personally trying to make the most of it, even if I end up sleeping through my first lecture sometimes. I think it is important to document what the schooling or work life is like during this time because it is something we have not seen before.

Spending the majority of my time at home, I have begun to rekindle past hobbies that I have had. I chose to submit a picture of the things I have crocheted because they were challenging in that I hadn't ever tried to make little characters or animals before this pandemic. I took the picture while on a video call with my friends because ever since this summer, we have chatted or video called to keep in touch with each other and "hangout," even if we have to be physically apart. This times online have been very meaningful to me and crucial in my survival of these times, because I tend to get very lonely and I know many people are struggling with mental health. My mental health is doing pretty okay despite everything going on, and I thank my friends for being there to talk and just have fun and take my mind off of everything challenging going on.

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#home , #connected , #loved , #friends , #crochet , #hobbies

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Gabriella Schroder

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