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Collected Item: “Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic”

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Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic

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Photographs. These photos were sent to me by my boyfriends dad.

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When COVID-19 became classified as a pandemic the United States started to shut down. As a result, grocery stores experienced long lines and shortages. Toilet paper, bathroom essentials, and cleaning supplies quickly sold out and became a difficult commodity to purchase. These shortages went on for months. The importance of this is to demonstrate how unprepared humanity is for an event like COVID-19. Seeing these pictures and experiencing the long lines and shortages for myself made me realize how dependant I am on the grocery store. This experience gave me a sense of awareness. I became aware of how easy it was for me to go to the local grocery store and get what I needed before COVID-19; additionally, I became aware of how quickly that can change.

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#grocery, #toiletpaper, #shortages, #lines, #COVID-19, #photograph, #cleaningsupplies, #groceryshopping, #Massachusetts, #ASU, #HST485

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Bill Nappo

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