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Collected Item: “Back to Normal or New Normal?”

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Back to Normal or New Normal?

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When I saw this meme for the first time, it instantly cheered me up after a whole day of doing homework online. I remember being excited that I didn’t have to wake up early for school anymore, and I could turn my computer on whenever it is convenient for me. Switching to online platforms for work and school definitely shows the government in action, allowing people to continue on with their lives while staying safe in the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, this shows the government’s inaction towards handling the pandemic because people are trying to make the most out of this “new normal” when in reality, we shouldn’t settle for this new way of living. The government should implement more effective regulations to reduce the number of cases, or its people would continue to live in isolation longer than we've expected. #unlv #psc101 #mlphelps

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@eviealk on Twitter and Olivia Blair from elle.com

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