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Collected Item: “Monday Mornings During the COVID 19 Pandemic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas”

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Monday Mornings During the COVID 19 Pandemic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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This photo was taken by me, Ashley Miranda.

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Monday mornings at UNLV are usually the busiest times all week. We have students walking around campus, running to class, catching up on past assignments, or simply getting a coffee with a group of friends. On October 12, I was walking to my lab (which has 15 kids in it), and I look up to see an unbelievable view: only 5 students walking in the same pathway as me. Don't get me wrong, I think it was a wise decision by our Nevada state government to change to remote classes for the semester. UNLV chose the safest way possible, and it is great seeing my school take the right precautions, however, that doesn't change the fact that our campus has never been as empty as it is now. "The city that never sleep" has turned into "the city that's trying their best to stay awake." Once things eventually go back to normal, this photo will seem unreal. For now, this is the status of our UNLV campus: lonely, but safe.

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#unlv #psc101 #mlphelps #staysafe #wearyourmask

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Ashley Miranda

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