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Collected Item: “コロナ検査1日6万5000件へ インフル同時流行に備え(2020年10月30日) - Corona testing up to 65,000 cases a day in preparation for simultaneous spread with influenza (October 30, 2020)”

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コロナ検査1日6万5000件へ インフル同時流行に備え(2020年10月30日) - Corona testing up to 65,000 cases a day in preparation for simultaneous spread with influenza (October 30, 2020)

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I personally think this is important to increase the amount of cases they can test per day. However, from what I hear from my parents who live in Tokyo, getting tested is really hard because you have to have symptoms to get tested. With no symptoms, a lot test centers turn you down even though there are so many cases who are asymptomatic.

東京都は一日あたりの検査能力を6万5000件まで拡充します。  東京都の現在の新型コロナウイルスの検査能力は一日あたり約2万5000件ですが、インフルエンザとの同時流行で発熱患者が増えた場合、最大で約6万5000件必要になる可能性があります。こうした状況を受けて都は、新型コロナの検査能力を12月上旬までに一日あたり最大6万5000件へ拡充する方針を明らかにしました。今月25日までに都内で確認されている今シーズンのインフルエンザの患者は4人ですが、これからの流行期に備える狙いです。

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will expand its daily testing capacity to 65,000 tests. The current testing capacity of the new coronavirus in Tokyo is about 25,000 per day, but if the number of fever patients increases due to the simultaneous spread with influenza, a maximum of about 65,000 may be required. In response to this situation, the city has announced that it will expand the testing capacity of the new coronavirus to a maximum of 65,000 per day by early December. By the 25th of this month, four influenza patients have been confirmed in Tokyo this season, but we are aiming to prepare for the coming flu season.

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HSE, Japan, influenza, simultaneous spread, testing

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