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Collected Item: “Why My Friend Can't Get a Date”

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Why My Friend Can't Get a Date

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Text story, a conversation I had on Xbox Live

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My friend gave me permission to share a hilarious online dating experience he just had. Quotations are paraphrased.

My friend Luke hops on Xbox and begins to tell me a story. He says, “I’m talking to this girl on Tinder for four hours. She then tells me, ‘I’m bored and I’m going to go read a book’ at 1:30 in the morning! I just laugh it off and ask if she wants to get together at some point the next day. She then tells me, ‘sorry, but my parents won’t let me go out because of COVID.’ She’s 24! She is 24 years old and she’s acting like her mom just grounded her.” I respond by telling him, “bro, she totally just curved you. She also told you she’d rather read a book than text you!” He then replies, “I know that, but if you’re 24 and can’t come up with a better excuse than ‘I’m grounded,’ you don’t belong on Tinder!”

This funny story makes one ponder how many other things people use COVID-19 as an excuse to dodge and avoid.

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Two dudes chilling on Xbox Live after a long day at work

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