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Collected Item: “Being a student during a Pandemic”

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Being a student during a Pandemic

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From the events that have happened this year it makes it very difficult to try and stay focused on things that are important but also things that we just want to do. Due to COVID one thing that has changed for the worse is trying to get an education during a pandemic. For some it is harder than others and for others it is just as easy learning on the computer than it is learning in person. As a student I must admit that there are some things that i learn better in person than i do on a computer. During this pandemic getting my education has become both easier and harder. The easy portion is how well my school adapted to switching to the online courses instead of in person classes. I must admit that ASU surprised me with how well they transitioned. The hard part for me was trying to learn some material that I had no idea what was going on and i did not have the opportunity to get in person help on the subjects I was struggling in. What this pandemic did was rewire the brains of young people due to the lack of human interaction we had. It is almost as if we forget how to be a person around other people and I know that sounds silly but it is the truth. Going out in public was making me feel bad becuase who am i to go out when other people have to stay inside. Overall this learning curve shed a lot of light on how comfortable we were as students with being able to just go up to a professor and ask for help instead having to email and then being hopeful that they would get back to us in time. I have really learned a lot about myself during this time and hope it comes to an end soon!

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#ASU #HST485 #LearningInApandemic

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Javier Mercado

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