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Collected Item: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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Photograph; Taken with my cell phone

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“Do you sell hand sanitizer?” asks nearly every customer that enters the door into the store that I work at. If I’m not busy, I’m usually kind enough to walk them down to the aisle they’re in (Aisle 12, Cleaning and Breakroom!), however, if I can’t take the time to, I tell them to follow the stickers we have on the floor that leads to that section. Sort of like the yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz led Dorothy and her gang to the Emerald City. Many stores nowadays have social distancing and directional stickers for aisles, but this is the only place that I have seen these types of stickers. This is something that I have come to associate with life during the pandemic; now learning to work during this.

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#Suffolk, #Work, #HandSanitizer, #Shopping, #Danvers, #PPE, #WorkingDuringThePandemic, #Retail, #Customers

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Jackson Crilley

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