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Collected Item: “Covid-19 in One Word IV: Enlightening”

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Covid-19 in One Word IV: Enlightening

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This word comes from a woman who lost her job and found a new one.
Enlightening: give greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation
Now, this may initially seem backwards, but maybe it is on track. While many bad things came out of having Covid-19 around, not all things were bad. Having the whole world stop forced people to stop as well. Things slowed down, if only for a small moment of time. But in that slowing, when the outside world seemed to go quiet, the inside world had time to be heard. This pause, for some, became a time of self-reflection, a time of learning more about the one you see in the mirror, or learning more about a range of other things. In any sense, it became a time where knowledge was expanded. We better understand what matters to us and what things are worth our time. We forgot about pleasantries and moved into making connections beyond a smile, because those can’t be seen. While some may argue that putting distance created emotional differences, others have found that in this time of being apart, some things came together with more understanding of yourself and the world around you. So while the times of this virus have been undeniably dark, there may have been some light as well.

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Makenna Cavanagh

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