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Collected Item: “St. Mary's Response to Racial Injustice: Email from President Thomas Mengler”

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St. Mary's Response to Racial Injustice: Email from President Thomas Mengler

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The object is an email from St. Mary's University President Thomas Mengler recognized Juneteenth stating that campus will be closed that Friday, June 19th, 2020, for prayer and reflection on racial justice and racism in the U.S. In the email, President Mengler acknowledges the murder of George Floyd to reflect on during the summer of mass protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. The campus community is also called to action with upcoming initiatives to create an "anti-racist" university. Dialogue and action are said to occur and relate to the Mariniast belief and tradition to act for the common good.
The email represents a significant time within our pandemic year, which was the death of George Floyd that influenced mass protests and greater momentum for the existing Black Lives Matter, demanding the police be defunded. The email portrays how St.Mary's as an institution has reflected on the national issue and its influence on Marianist culture and call to action.

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#coveryourfangs, HS6301, Stmu, #BlackLivesMatter, racism, Marianists, Common Good, Community action

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Thomas Mengler

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