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Collected Item: “Closed for Business”

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Closed for Business

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On the Las Vegas Strip, this image could normally be captured at the oddly specific time of never. Downtown Las Vegas normally is teeming with life, creepy people dressed in raggedy, unwashed costumes, bachelor and bachelorette parties gone and going wrong and overall people having a wonderful time. As the Covid-19 outbreak was beginning to hit its crescendo, everything in the state of Nevada was shutdown, making all in person operations cease to prevent the spread of this disease. This lead a town based around its overall tourism and wild nightlife in disarray, many people lost jobs and businesses struggled, leading some to never open again. The image here, to me, is something sad, T-Mobile Arena is a very nostalgic place for me, it is the place where I was able to see one of my favorite bands for the first time, and when me and my brother decided to drive the strip in the midst of isolation we had to stop and take the picture. T-Mobile Arena was an extremely lively place that always had live music and sporting events, as heartbreaking as it was to see it dormant, it had to be closed, the spread of Covid-19 had to be prevented. In my opinion, Governor Sisolak handled the crisis well, despite how painful it was for many citizens, I know we as a city will recover and the city will live once again.

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#unlv #psc101 #mlphelps

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Created by Rolando Velasquez, published August 7, 2020, accessed: November 5, 2020

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