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Collected Item: “What is Zoom Fatigue and what it means for students”

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What is Zoom Fatigue and what it means for students

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This article gives some context as to what "zoom fatigue" or "tech fatigue" is. It's not something I've really considered before this year. My previous years having mainly online classes, were still broken up by at least one or two in-person classes, along with the other distractions of, going the store or visiting family, doing something fun or interesting, without the anxiety of getting severely sick, or getting my loved ones sick. The article also includes some basic "how to fight tech fatigue" tips which I think could be useful, however, this type of advice can easily fall into the one-size-fits-all category. This needs to be avoided, because there is a wider range of diversity and accessibility, and for some people the "20,20,20" rule, simply doesn't work.

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#hs6301 #coveryourfangs #zoom #college #students #online #learning

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Maren Siu

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